WHO ARE WE : My Earth is a climate action initiative which aims to minimise the catastrophic climatic impact

WHAT WE DO: Awareness. Strike. Action. 


This code of conduct shall apply to all volunteers of “My Earth”, and core members. Failure to comply with the same will result in termination of your role as a volunteer or core member of “My Earth.”  We may take action against any volunteers who have repeatedly or intentionally failed to follow our code of conduct.

Volunteers of “My Earth” should fulfill their assigned duties with integrity and respect towards the community. All the volunteers are expected to be ethical and responsible towards one another while engaging in activities and projects regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity or experience.

We will not allow for any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Sexual harassment towards any person will be seriously dealt with. If you come across such behavior please contact us at my.earth.in@gmail.com so that we can support or take action if necessary to avoid individuals from causing offence. 


Volunteers should not utilize the initiative’s Name, logo or resources for any other purpose other than for fulfilling their volunteer responsibilities. 

Volunteers should not hold any activities and events in the name of “My Earth” unless prior permission is obtained to do so.